Buttermere & Crummock Water

Following on from my recent Workshop at Buttermere & Crummock Water during the Xmas period, I thought it would be worth a revisit to photograph some of the locations there. This would then enable anybody considering booking into a future Workshop to this beautiful location a feel of what to expect. Some of these locations are iconic and well photographed such as the Lone Tree on Buttermere's shore or the Sentinels on the southern tip. I remember attending my first ever workshop, where I was at the beginnning of my photographic journey and I was a little nervous, for this reason I also include some less visited gems where as a group we will more than likely be alone.

Xmas Workshop

I was joined on the workshop by Alan, Rebbecca & Kevin, the weather even by Cumbrian standards was mixed to say the least but we all kept a brave face and had a thoroughly enjoyable day. I like to keep the Workshop numbers small and usually this will be a maximum of 3 unless I'm running a Workshop Walk then the maximum will be 4. As part of the day I'll take very few shots myself other than to demonstrate techniques or for a record of the day, a group shot which can be seen below.

Gatesgarthdale Beck, Honister

Phil, Alan, Rebecca & Kevin

The Revisit

The forecast looked promising so I arrived in good time and parked up in Buttermere ready for the 15 minute walk to the iconic Lone Tree. I like to be early as you can still get a feel for the place even in the dark with a head torch. I looked at the possible angles using a high ISO setting to find a composition that I liked. As expected I soon had company and somebody to chat with while waiting for nature to take its course. It was a while after sunrise that the first tinges of colour started to appear but the wait was worthwhile.

Buttermere Lone Tree

Buttermere Lone Tree

With the cloud breaking up nicely I decided that a visit to a new found location was in order as I'd only captured it previously with a moody cloud covering. I must have driven past this location on numerous occasions without giving it a second thought but it's fast becoming a favourite when I visit Buttermere now. What I like is the river that meanders towards the fells alongside Buttermere in the distance and the colours of the rocks on the river bed. I was looking to capture the first of the days sunshine on the peaks but this was as good as it got before more cloud rolled in.

Gatesgarthdale Beck, Honister

Gatesgarthdale Beck

After this I headed back towards Buttermere in the hope that the lake was still calm and temporarily at least my luck was in. The Sentinels (Buttermere's pines) were calling me and a shot towards the fells beyond. I was soon joined by a Polish gentleman who I'd met earlier at the lone tree, when I asked his name, he explained "it's difficult" so I took him at his word. I managed the shots below prior to the wind picking up, always a challenging shot with the light above and below which needs to be balanced with graduated filters.

Buttermere Reflections


I also managed to grab a quick shot of the small white bothy and the surrounding trees as a panoramic with the last of the still water. Love the winter colours that are produced from the bracken dying back contrasting with the blacks of Haystacks.

Buttermere White Hut

Buttermere White Hut

Lastly I wanted to visit the southern tip of Crummock Water where there are some lovely rocks which lead out into the lake towards Mellbreak Fell in the distance and also a wonderful copse next to the shoreline. My intention here was to record some long exposure shots with a choppy lake but I was foiled, for once Crummock Water was ever so calm. I intended recording several shots with varying shutter speeds so that I could demonstrate how longer exposures effect am image, that will now be for a future blog. Although I don't expect anybody to attempt this, I've called the image below Hop, Skip & Jump

Hop, Skip & Jump

Mellbreak & Crummock Water

There are a few different shots here within a couple of hundred yards of each other which makes it a great location for a workshop or for photography in general. I know for sure that I will revisit the copse of trees below again to capture their lovely form between Mellbreak and Rannerdale Knotts.

Crummock Copse

Crummock Copse

Also while wandering I discovered the little bay below which has views towards Mellbreak Fell and contains a few old wooden posts. I can only presume they are used for securing the boat that is currently beached further inland at the moment.

Mellbreak View

I hope that this post has given you some idea of some of the locations we may visit and what we can capture there while attending one of my Buttermere & Crummock Water Workshops. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and up next time will be a look at long exposure techniques where we look at the effects and what filters to use.

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