Just do it...

I haven't been out a great deal lately for a combination of reasons, it's summer, sunrise is way too early, everywhere is green and the newish puppy needs lots of attention still. Tuesday saw a trip to one of my favourite haunts in Tewet Tarn, for an overnighter in the van. The light was flat for the Tuesday evening so we (Paul Bullen and I) used it as a recce and scouted out Low Rigg above Tewet for any other possibilities. We came across a lovely group of rocks that we seemed to have ignored in the past and promised ourselves to return the next morning, just after sunrise to catch the early light on them.

With the alarm set for 05:05 I woke around 04:40, looking out of the van window I could see what looked like a cloud inversion which seemed promising. Quickly made myself a brew while tidying away the bed etc and then went outside for a better view. The inversion had gone and the window of no cloud cover in the East had all but disappeared. By the time Paul arrived it was a very Cumbrian affair with thick murky cloud and a whiff of drizzle in the air. To say it didn't look promising would have been an understatement to be honest. We discussed other possibilities in the near area and decided that they would be no different and then decided the time would have been better spent having an extra hour in bed. We eventually came to our normal response in these cases and said "well we are here" and off to Tewet Tarn we went.

The walk up was one of the soggiest I've experienced in the summer, due to the overnight downpour and recent rains earlier in the week. Even when we arrived we had very little enthusiasm and wandered about a bit eventually arriving here in the image below looking East just in case. At one point the skies almost cleared and we had a touch of colour for sunrise before the cloud returned and then just as it looked hopeless the sun made its appearance peeking through the clouds.

Tewet Tarn Sunrise

16mm, f22, 20 secs, ISO50

My next thoughts were to look at some rocks in the tarn, a favourite view of mine looking towards Blencathra. I'd had a quick look earlier in the dark but it looked as though the water levels were a tad deep to get the composition that I required. It was a fraught wade into the tarn, with it only being possible by balancing on a few underwater rocks, the half inch spare at the top of my wellies made me concentrate on standing upright.

As I looked at the back of the camera shot all I could think of was the Saltire (flag of Scotland) with the white cross from the reflections and moody blue sky filling in the gaps.

Tewet Tarn Reflections

18mm, f18, 25 secs, ISO50

Our next location was back to the rocks that we'd scouted out the evening before to see whether they could work composition wise. To say the least it's a cracking view taking in both Blencathra (Saddleback) and Skiddaw with Tewet Tarn in the centre. The weather was constantly changing and we had bits of low cloud forming over the fells and a cloud inversion bubbling up from the Keswick direction.

Low Rigg Rocks

16mm, f11, 30 secs, ISO50

All in all we had spent a good couple of hours in a great location with the weather constantly changing. The image below is probably one of the last of the day before we were treated to blue skies and warmth all over the Lakes & Cumbria. I'll definitely be back to these rocks in the future, they have a lovely texture and rugged look about them and lets face it, its not a bad view from here either.

Low Rigg Rocks

20mm, f11, 1/13 secs, ISO100

There's a saying in Cumbria "if you don't like the weather wait a minute" and yesterday morning showed us just that. The temptation was there at 05:20 and if we hadn't pushed ourselves we could have just had another hour in bed, instead I ended up with at least 4 images that I like and a feeling of a good job done.

So next time you have doubts - Just do it - I know I will.

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