Creating a New Snapp Guides Location - Deepdale Beck & Waterfalls

I was approached around two years ago now to be a Snapp Pro for the Lake District, for this I needed to research and photograph the iconic and little known locations within the Lakes. From the start the project excited me, what could be better than having all those locations at your finger tips on your mobile. We've all been there when we have missed that superb sunrise through not knowing where to park or which footpath to take or what gear we needed. Also one of the beauties for me is that unlike a book when I find a new location worth photographing I can add it to the guide which you can then access.

Deepdale Beck & Waterfalls

Although we are blessed with our share of waterfalls within the Lake District, few have the backdrop of a towering craggy fell top as here, where Greenhow End off Fairfield, dominates the skyline above Deepdale. I first became aware of this location via a fellow Lake District and talented photographer Mike Prince who had posted some stunning shots of the falls and I decided that it was a location worth exploring. My first outing was made more difficult than it should have been as I looked at the OS Maps and saw waterfalls and ended up in the wrong place just underneath Greenhow End where I took the following image.

I then proceeded to climb further up the falls until the ground leveled off under Fairfield but managed to get the following image of what I think is called The Buttress behind Greenhow End.

By now I knew that I was completely in the wrong place and retraced my steps to the bottom of the waterfalls and followed the course of the river. I next came across the following image near the bottom of the main falls. Still not quite where I wanted to be but realised that there was potential all the way along this stretch of minor falls.

After a couple of hours exploring I eventually came across the area that I wanted with a view towards Greenhow End that worked well with the series of falls. By now the weather had taken a bit of a turn and it was a mixture of drizzle and snow showers. I still managed the following with a mixture of cleaning the filters after every shot and trying to hold a cloth above the filters while shooting (a little more difficult for a long exposure) in a breeze. I still managed the following two images which gave me the confidence that this was a location worth adding.

At this point I decided that although I had enough images and information to create a new location for Snapp Guides I still needed a revisit in slightly different conditions just so I knew and had all the information needed to create a new location.

The Revisit

I realised from my first visit that this is a place that would work best when the day was partly or all cloudy, luckily enough we get our fair share of these in the Lakes. I visited Brothers Water prior to the revisit and met a new upcoming photographer from the south of the Lakes in Tim Dove who accompanied me on the 45 minute walk. The visit was a lot easier this time as I knew where I was going and this is some of the information that's included as part of the Snapp Guides App which is available now on both IOS and Adroid. There was no snow around this time but this didn't detract too much although I think that the addition of snow does add to the image on the right day.

First image of the day which was taken with a good splash of drizzle around, this is when I realised that I had intended to bring an umbrella with me which would have helped with the low winds around.

The drizzle slowly died down but I still needed to give plenty of attention to keeping my filters clean, just to stop my images being spoiled. The following image was taken just a few metres above the previous but with the rocks being wet took a lot of manoeuvring to get into the correct position without slipping into what looked like very cold water. What I love about the whole area is the colour and texture of the rocks around here, worn down with centuries of water eroding the surfaces.

Only 50 to 100 metres up the river from the previous image was the following, similar to an image from my first visit but with wellies I was able to get into what I consider a slightly better composition for the shot.

Although there maybe further images from the day this is currently the last one that I have processed, slightly different composition from the first of the day and a 4:5 crop. The mood and colours have changed with the light and the addition of a touch of blue sky that called an end to the days photography with only the 45 mins walk back to the car to look forward to.

This is a location that I will visit again and again as I believe it will change with the seasons and depending on the weather conditions.

There are now over 100 locations available for the Lake District Snapp Guide App further new locations will be added to this guide as I come across them, research them and then take the appropriate images to accompany these locations.

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