Ullswater & Brothers Water Workshop - Price £95 (Max 3 people)

Upcoming Dates: Sat 2nd Nov

As part of the day we will aim to visit as many of the locations listed below as possible but which ones will depend on the weather, ground conditions and the time of year. I like to keep the workshop sizes small with a maximum of three participants, this will enable you to get the maximum enjoyment out of them. The start time will vary throughout the year with the aim of starting just before sunrise and the day will last for around 8 hours.


On the workshop the emphasis will be on informal tuition looking at: Camera settings, the use of ND filters, how to improve the image with simple compositional tweaks, how to add impact and the use of long exposure techniques.


To book please contact me via the Contact page


The walking on this workshop in the main will be on reasonably level ground with the possibility of a couple of inclines, the surfaces will be uneven and walking boots are required. If you have wellington boots please bring these especially in the winter months.

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Duke of Portland Boathouse

Often underestimated Ullswater is one of the beauties of the Lake District. The Duke of Portland Boathouse which is also a high end holiday cottage is probably the most photographed in the Lakes and you can understand why. Great for a sunrise location and when the first light of the day lights up the woodwork but is also beautiful in other weather conditions in its slightly sheltered position.

Open Doors
Between Seasons
Duke of Portland Winter
Duke of Portland
Duke Sunrise
Misty Duke
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Just outside of Pooley Bridge is this walkable piece of shoreline with lots of little treasures, on a calm morning you can shoot towards the steamer alongside the terminal. These skeleton like trees make a good subject looking towards Hallin & Place Fells or when the water levels are high enough the lone tree will be marooned.

Gale Bay Lone Tree
Ullswater Reflections
Through the Branches
Ullswater View
Ullswater Tree
Ullswater Steamer
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Hallin Fell

Many would avoid the drive down towards Martindale due to the road going nowhere and being a dead end. As you approach Hallin Fell you'll catch a glimpse of Waternook Boathouse nestling at the waters edge across Howtown Wyke, always worth stopping when the waters are calm. Taking the effort to walk up part of Hallin Fell itself will give you some great views down the hidden valley's of Martindale & Boredale where you will hear the deer rutting in the Autumn months.

Two Valley's Snowstorm
Hallin Fell View
Hallin Fell Pathway
Light after the Storm
Pile of Rocks Hallin Fell
Boredale Rainbow
Hause Farm Martindale
Waternook Boathouse
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Mossdale Bay

Just outside of Glenridding are a couple of small bays with some cracking views up and down the lake. One has a partially hidden boathouse with views towards Norfolk Island as well as a rocky outcrop with commanding views. The other looks towards Patterdale and the fells behind with Wall Holm Island perched in the water, when the water levels are high enough there's an old stump that can be used as foreground interest here.

Wall Holm Island Ullswater
Ullswater Dreamz
Wall Holm and Cherry Holm
Mossdale Bay to Norfolk Island
Ullswater Stump
Norfolk Island
Norfolk Island
Wall Holm
Ullswater Sunrise
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Nestled at the bottom of Kirkstone Pass is this small body of water with some great views into the fells and can often be calm when the other lakes are a tad choppy. Only a small walk from the parking brings you to a small copse which can be shot both ways towards the fells.

Brothers Water Mist and Calm
Brothers Water Glow
Copse Reflections
Hartsop Dodd
Brothers Water Branch
Hartsop Dodd Calm
Hartsop Dodd
Snow Covered Copse
Hartsop Dodd B&W
Brotherswater Copse
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Ullswater & Brotherswater Workshop - Price £95 (Max 3 people)


Start: TBC Finish: TBC

Meeting Place: Roadside Parking: TBC


What you need to bring with you on the day:


Appropriate clothing, walking boots, wellingtons (if you have them), waterproofs, hat & gloves.

DSLR, tripod, filters & holder (if you don't have filters or a holder there may be a possibility that I have something that you can loan for the day).

Lenses, memory cards, spare battery.

Packed lunch, snacks & warm drinks.

Don't forget to charge up your camera batteries prior to the day.

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